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'When Dating, Stick to Your Race'

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Jewish women are more likely to try to insist upon Jewish husbands.

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My six swme friends from college are Jewish. My four male cousins are, too. NONE of us married Jewish women. Hell, I was on JDate for nearly 10 years! And for a year marriage, I wanted easy. Lots of others come to similar conclusions. To parallel this to your situation, Lily: Alas, the two parted ways.

As my friend concluded his bitter story, I found myself mentally reciting some of what I'd heard over the years, the voices of others expressing the same idea -- that when dating, it's best to stick to one's race. After being single for something like two years, I found myself saying, among other things, I want to be with a worldly man. By this, I wasn't hinting towards materialism, but rather using worldly to describe an open-minded, knowledgeable man, a man whose mindset far surpassed anything I'd ever known, anything -- in other words -- I'd ever been exposed to. When I uttered this statement, I had no particular man in sight.

Race Dating same

I hadn't visualized his features, much less his race. I had put out the intent, while simultaneously focusing on becoming better. This time around, I wasn't wasting energy on determining the details or micromanaging the possibilities. With time, however, I slowly began to understand that in order to have the kind of relationship I wanted to have -- as opposed to the immature one I had been a part of years prior -- something, and likely not just me, had to change. Truth 4: It was barely a week into our relationship before Vaughan and I started getting comments about how adorable our children would be. First of all, could we date a bit first?

Can I get a ring? Chill as a wife for a bit before becoming a mother to what I presume will be the most adorable, beautiful, precious children ever because they are Black and Korean? Besides the fact that at that point, we were not even close to considering a future together, was I supposed to feel special that I was dating someone who was a different race than me? Do I get a gold star for creating the possibility of bringing biracial children into the world? What is your experience of race and dating? Share your story with us.

Sme dating website OK Cupid crunched the data from some 25 million accounts from to on people's racial preferences. It found: Women preferred men of their own race; But they were more likely to discount Asian and black men; All men, except latinos, preferenced Asian women over their own race; Non-black men were more likely to discount black women. According to Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid, the pattern has stayed pretty stable through the boom in online dating, from to

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