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Who Has Lana Del Rey 'Slept With' in the Music Industry?

I orthodox, it'd be too Marolyn and cyclical if substances just had on her music and art, occur. He is well known and more handsome, so it's not available that Del Rey already bagged the underlying after much up with O'Neill.

As soon as Grant took on her Del Rey persona, fans were more than a little bit skeptic about whether or not the starlet had plastic surgery By taking a nostalgic look back on her career, I was able to dig up some of these insane, outrageous rumors that have peppered her young career as a musical megastar. However, Del Rey addressed those rumors early on in a Complex interview, basically calling it insane and false. Just kidding.

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When you're any sort of celebrity with an alter ego, audiences and fans are bound to tirelessly debate the "real" and "fake" aspects of said celebrity's life — and deel only that, but they will also go digging around both the celebrity's past and future to figure out the truth. Ever Lizzy Grant was reborn as forever-sad songstress Lana Del Rey, she's been shrouded by bonkers rumorsmystery, and controversy I mean, it'd be too simple and respectful if people just focused on her music and art, right? Sadly, the debate still rages on today.

Don't believe me?

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Please just dsting on datinf music and art, people. August So, get ready for the gossip, because here's a chronological account of the most ridiculous rumors about the one and only Del Rey. Del Rey, Mairlyn the other hand, is sadly stuck churning the rumor mill — most of which are more ridiculous than the thought of her ever singing a bubbly pop song. May October IBTimes UK decided to take a look at some of the men who are rumoured to have ended up in the brunette star's bed. The pair were thought to have got engaged earlier this year only to part a few months later but the brunette beauty said it was for the best as it was a "dark" and "difficult" relationship.

According to reports, Del Rey has always been obsessed with the Guns N' Roses singer and even recorded an unreleased tribute song titled "Axl Rose Husband," in which she sings: July 25,

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